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What to pay attention to when binding buttons
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There are many kinds of buttons. Different kinds of button binding have different points of attention. Today, I will talk about the common button binding, which places should we pay attention to?

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Five claw button and four button are the most common buttons, so in the use process, more or less will encounter some unexpected things, and because of the different button structure, each button has different problems. The five claw button is one of the buttons. How about the five claw button?

Whether it is four button, I-shaped button, five claw button and impact screw, the following principles should be adhered to when adjusting the mold:

1. The upper die and the lower die must be concentric, that is to say, the upper die and the lower die must be aligned. Only when the upper die and the lower die are concentric can the upper die and the lower die be accurate, and the buttons printed will not fall off.

2. The machine can't adjust the pressure too deeply. If the pressure is adjusted too deep, the button will be damaged or fall off. If the pressure is too low, the button will fall off easily if the pressure is too low. Therefore, the depth of punching die should be based on experience. The simplest way is to make the back button and pull it out with a vise.

Whether it's electric motor, motor, or treadmill, they are all adapted to the same principle. At that time, the above principle was also followed when making cornucopia. So what should five claw buckle pay attention to when binding?

1. There are tight and loose buckles. A if it is OK before pressing, the adjustment of the button press is too low. B may be mixed with products from other manufacturers. There is something wrong with the C mold.

2. It is easy to fall off due to insufficient destructive force. A button machine closing height adjustment is not good. B the cloth is too thick or the claw length is not enough. The material of C claw is too thin and the hardness is not enough.

3. The claws are exposed. A buttoning machine is not vertical up and down, eccentric B, the male and female buttons are too low or too narrow, and the gap with the claw is not enough (it can be detected by hand before striking) C if this situation occurs on the claw surface, it may be caused by too long claw, so use short claw instead.

4. The claw is broken when the button is pushed. The adjustment of a button press is too low. B claw is too hard to bend. C electroplating problems, making claws hard and brittle, especially stripping (after plating a good color, and then electroplating another color) is very likely to cause. D male and female buckle back space, shape is not good enough, so that claw foot is not enough to break.

The paint fell off when painting the five claw buckle. A. the shape of punching die does not conform to the shape of claw surface. B the quality of paint is not good, and the adhesion of general inferior paint is too poor. C. oil removal is not clean before painting. D if ironing, pay attention to the problem is not too high, so as not to damage the paint surface


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