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Red Dongling jade side hole Qipao button head natural gemstone semi gem jewelry accessories customized processing factory

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • It is widely used
  • be flexible
  • Can be customized: according to the customer to provide ideas, drawings, samples, etc. on demand production
  • Provide quality assurance service
  • Fast lead time

Product Details

Our company long-term R & D and production of various natural gems, shells, metals, jewelry, gem buttons, accessories. Gem carving ornaments, pendants, glasses accessories, furniture accessories handle. It is widely used and has strong plasticity. Welcome to customize.

Can accept customers to provide ideas, drawings, samples, etc. on demand production, speed stability, excellent quality, service loyalty.

We usually produce the following materials:

Red agate, black agate, grey agate, white crystal, amethyst, pink crystal, green Dongling, Xinshan jade, topaz, red stripe, blue stripe, blue dot, cat's eye, tiger's eye, white marble, obsidian, etc. We are a design, R & D, production, sales as one of the production-oriented companies.

The main accessories are:

Round bead, Dan bead, abacus bead, water drop, rice bead, disc, etc. And 2 eyes, 4 eyes, inlay, cuff link, umbrella buckle, Qipao buckle, etc. At the same time, we supply various kinds of artificial Turquoise buttons, glass buttons, shell buttons, etc. Can also be produced and produced according to customer requirements!

Dongguan ZIZO Arts and Crafts Co. LTD

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