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The gemstone button with domineering and exposed features has been on the road of Regal ladies since then
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If you want to ask, what kind of product can make you blind in a moment? I think the first to bear the brunt should be the shining gems. They have their own flash properties, so they can be dazzling. On the latest fashion runway, colorful jewelry buttons are arranged on the model, which is very eye-catching and embellishment of the model.

Petal color gem button looks expensive, but it's a versatile piece. It can be used as a collar button under the neck, a waist button to highlight on the navel, or a button on any pocket or button. No matter where you are, you can match it and your eyes will be attracted.

Pink blue yellow retro jacket is the best interpretation of jewelry buttons do not choose the color of clothes. Don't put on the big jewelry button, full of noble temperament, domineering exposed.

Pink purple suit can also wear jewelry buttons, instantly the monotonous suit embellishment up. The double gem necklace on the neck complements each other, gorgeous but not exaggerated. It turns out that all the gems are good-looking. Gems are never vulgar. The vulgar thing is that they don't have their eyes.

The oversized ruby is noble and sacred. The lattice suit of the lady style is matched with such a ruby button, showing the temperament.

Gemstone button on the V-neck chest is also a good choice, open V-neck, gem button embellishment in the chest to increase the sense of elegance.

In fact, whether gemstone or not, big button items will still be popular, because they really match clothes well. Whether it's a monochrome suit or a garment with a strong sense of design, plus a high-grade big button, it will make the whole outfit go to a higher level.

Compared with ordinary buttons, such a big button is more atmospheric and domineering. It can be seen that a chic button can play a key role.

On the contrary, the buttons are not the most common items for people to spend money on!


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